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News Flash: People Rape People in Westeros

This is not going to take long.

(Spoilers if you haven’t seen SE5EP6 yet.)

People who complain about rape in Game of Thrones need to pipe the fuck down. The story is set in a fantasy world in a medieval-like time, and mysoginy runs amock. In the books, George R. R. Martin even has some of his characters reflect on this.

The scene where Jaime has Cersei near Joffrey’s body sparked controversy because – apparently – people were dimwitted enough to interpret that as a romantic scene of sorts, and rape doesn’t belong in romance. (If that scene was your example of romance you must be a sick fuck anyway, because Cersei and Jaime are siblings, but ooookay.) These people must have failed to notice that Game of Thrones (like A Song of Ice and Fire) doesn’t deal in stereotypes and very much humanizes its characters. That’s what makes the story so good, but unfortunately it leaves little room for black-and-white right and wrong. Obviously, rape is bad, but if you expect this story to go “rape is bad, mmkay”, you’ll be disappointed. It’s Game of Thrones. Westeros is a world where 13 year old girls get married off, heads are kept on spikes, and witches birth murdering shadows. If you want romance, just watch something Reese Witherspoon’s made.

As for Sansa Stark… where the fuck do I even start? No, this is not what happens in the books, and yes, it was brutal, but what show do you think you’re watching? She had been in the company of Littlefinger for a few episodes – we all know nothing good can come from that. She was going to marry Ramsay Bolton (Ramsay. Fucking. Bolton.) – we all know that there’s definitely nothing good that can come from that. Her rape scene was mild compared to what he could have done! He’s obviously not well in the head. He could have cut off a tit and fed it to Theon. As for the show deviating from the books, what can I say? We were warned for this. If you want the storyline of A Song of Ice and Fire, go read. I, for one, am glad that HBO is making changes. It’s just more of Westeros and all my favorite fictional characters, but in a new jacket. It keeps the surprise element in (because, truth be told, what A Song of Ice and Fire reader was shocked by the Red Wedding in the show? …Yeah, didn’t think so.)

Okay, so, this rant already got longer than it was supposed to. Do not fucking watch Game of Thrones if you want your morals spelled out for you. It isn’t that kind of show, it would never be as good if it was, and if you are of a different opinion you should obviously just go and watch Frozen again.


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