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Gawker: “A Lot of Smart People Think North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony”

Before we’re all going to go “boy, that escalated quickly” as we sit in front of the telly watching North-Korea get nuked, this Gawker article should be read by everyone, including Barack Obama. Frankly, I already felt it was far fetched for a government to hack a movie production company, then be so blatant about it, and especially in the case of North-Korea, which isn’t known for its high-tech knowledge or capacities. So, please read that article and spread it around, and take whatever the FBI says with a grain of salt.

(On a related note, the FBI can’t be that stupid, or can’t think the public is that stupid… right?)

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What’s Happening To North-Korea Now Looks A Lot Like What Happened To Afghanistan In 2001

*Ahem.* I would just like to point something out. Just, you know, something of possible importance and relevance.

Back in 2001, almost immediately after the 9/11 attacks, US government officials pointed to Osama Bin Laden as the perpetrator. Al Qaeda almost immediately denied involvement. The US insisted, however, and not long thereafter a statement followed by Osama Bin Laden himself, saying he wasn’t responsible. Again the US insisted and demanded the surrender of Osama Bin Laden. The Taliban replied they would surrender him if the US could provide evidence of his guilt. Seems reasonable. But the Bush administration refused to provide this evidence, and shortly thereafter the world went to war.

Back in November, the Sony email hacks took place by a group calling themselves ‘Guardians of Peace’. They demanded The Interview (a movie in which Seth Rogen and James Franco kill North-Korean dictator Kim Jong-un) to be cancelled and promised a retaliation of sorts if this demand wasn’t met. Anxious theaters cancelled the film, and eventually Sony pulled it all together. Now, the FBI has pointed to the North-Korean government as responsible. North-Korea has denied involvement twice, and has even asked for a joint investigation (saying it could prove its innocense), which seems reasonable. Meanwhile, the hacker group Guardians of Peace have mocked the FBI’s investigation. Nevertheless, the FBI ‘stands by its conclusion‘.

What’s happening with North-Korea now is just very similar to how the war with Afghanistan started (and with Iraq as well, mind you, as Iraq denied having WMDs upon accusations of the US government, then long after the war with Iraq had started it turned out that Colin Powell had lied and Iraq had told the truth). But, you know, not saying anything.

Just pointing something out.

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